Regarding the Nelson Ward there is certainly a contest, but zero numbers are provided; Dr

Regarding the Nelson Ward there is certainly a contest, but zero numbers are provided; Dr

Dunn and you can Mr. W. Thurtell (Cs) opposite the fresh new re also-election out of Mr. kissbrides.com address George Danby-Palmer and you can Mr. Thomas Lettis (Ls) who have been once again returned, and also in St. Andrew’s Ward this new polling was-

The next part looks inside matter:-“Among the guests because of the “Argo” s.s. out of Questionnaire, try Mr. Harrison, of good Yarmouth, just who will bring which have your step three,000 oz out-of gold-dust, valued within between ?11,000 and you can ?12,000.”-Early morning Chronicle.

The first Membership Baseball of the season ended up being held from the the city Hallway, 90 people becoming present, the new hallway was re-decorated a light environmentally friendly in lieu of the outdated fish colour, and you will four breathtaking statues away from “Clio,” “Erato,” and you will “The newest Dancing-girls regarding Canova,” was actually placed in the markets.

Late. twelfth.-Within Council conference, for the nomination out of Mr. W. Worship, seconded by the Mr. C. J. Palmer, James Cherry, Esq., was actually opted for Gran.

The second Whig Aldermen upcoming sought out from workplace;-Roentgen. Hammond, , and you may W. Walpole that have B. Fenn (C), therefore the pursuing the voting happened to complete these types of opportunities:-


The new “Seamen’s Association” got stored a demonstration that have a parade across the area. In the a subsequent conference held at its Pub Home the next toasts were given:-“Brand new King,” “Could possibly get British Sailors weather brand new Violent storm,” “England expects most of the people will perform their duty,” “Proprietors and you can Resellers from Yarmouth,” “Can get British Sailors never need to have grog and you can cigarette smoking.”

The month of january. 14th.-The fresh new “Eleanor Palmer,” belonging to W. H. Palmer, Esq., was actually “totally lost” towards the coastline close Athens. It was the third ship one guy had forgotten while the 1853.

Jan. 28th.-The original Membership Golf ball ended up being stored, where Cosgrove’s Band try engaged, and you will dance left up until four-o’clock.

Sergeant Johnson got recharged of the Mr. George William Moore which have being drunk and you can assaulting your. The brand new people, in addition to Mr. Silvers, Mr. J. H. Harrison, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Howlett, and Mr. W. Wright have been completely for the Cosgrove’s public-home at the about three o’clock are, in the event that alleged offences was indeed thought to was in fact enough time.

p. 186 The city ended up being picked with the Soldiers Barracks, and it is actually asserted that the newest Victoria Esplanade is browsing getting sent as much as new Southern Battery pack.

Feb. 8th.-Mr. Burroughs had, from the Council meeting, denounced particular men since “traitors on town” and “tools out-of Mr. Peto.”

Feb. 11th.-A considerable number of person bones had been discover around the Caister Highway, that have been supposed to be the new remains of persons whom passed away of your own affect and you will acquired burial regarding Leper Homes and this earlier existed around.

Feb. 25th.-Good Liberal conference was actually held at Star Resort, (George Danby-Palmer, Esq., regarding the sofa) whenever resolutions towards Lord John Russell’s Reform Statement and you may new Vote were implemented.

There were an alternative high-tide, the newest Quay in several towns overloaded; the latest surf moving over the dated Jetty.

March first.-Through this new seated of Condition Judge, new Council got met on Huge Jury Space during the Tolhouse.

Brand new Seamen’s earnings was in fact too high that they popular the merchant Service on the also provides are made by Sir Charles Napier to help you get in on the Navy.

Numerous dockyards is overflowed, and throughout the thirty balks regarding wood was shed from Mr

March next.-John Eagleton faced with which have fraudulently duped this new Guardians of the Terrible by the taking so you’re able to terrible people receiving aside-home rescue cash of short lbs, was convicted, at the mercy of a situation into opinion of Court off Unlawful Attract, (Mr. J. Cobb and you may Mr. L. Good. Buffet being his sureties inside the ?fifty per.)

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